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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


The buyer pays to Octramarket’s account before getting his/her product  

We don’t do cash on delivery, you pay to Octramarket’s account before you get your product  

You can only return the goodif it is substandard

Bank transfers, online payment 

Yes you canIf the goods are already in transit you have to pay for the delivery  

No you can’t open  your package before payment because you’d have to pay before delivery , you can return the item only if it is not up to standard, if the item is good and you choose to return it after delivery, you’d have to pay a fine.  

1. If the items can be transported at once, you’d receive them at once 

2.If they can’t be transported at once, you’d receive them separately  

Yes you need a buyers account 

Visit, and pick any item of your choice 

 You can contact the Octramarket customer care and we’ll decide if the product can be returned or not, depending on the situation  

You’d be sent a message that contains the information of the delivery person 

We have buyers protection which ensures that the seller doesn’t provide substandard goods 

It depends on how you go about it, you can have an agreement with the vendor to deliver the product directly to you or you can go through Octramarket’s delivery agent 

There are different sellers on the platform, so prices vary 

We sell at the lowest prices and we also demand that our shoppers make a product request when they can’t find a product and the product request will be processed as soon as possible 

We accept returns if the product isn’t what you demanded for, but we don’t accept exchanges 

Except the goods are bad, we don’t do refunds. 

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No, you don’t the shopper pays to Octramarket’s account, and you will get your money after 72 hours.

No, you won’t, you will receive the payment after 72 hours days 

The customer can search for your shop on our platform

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